My Approach

Born and raised in Missoula, I believe in the power of originality. I live for handcrafted design and handcrafted beer. And coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

A graduate of The University of Montana with a BA in Art and a Master’s Degree in Integrated Arts Education, I know that few things have a greater impact on a brand that art and design. As an artist, designer, and creator, my belief in the power of aesthetics to create works that excite, stimulate dialogue, and make a lasting impression.

For me, few things are better than watching a project become fully realized and surpassing expectations. My goal is to help amazing people create incredible results. Let's work together!

Meet Me and the Team

Want to learn more about my professional background and skills? Feel free to preview my resume or read about me and my team below.

Gwendolyn Landquist

Founder & CEO

I am passionate, driven, and love what I do. I get inspired by great design and nothing fills my tank more than learning something new.


Customer Relations

I am a Boykin Spaniel and I love to hang out while Gwen works.

Next Steps...

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